Western Basketball Association Opens Transfer Window

The western regional basketball association has officially opened the transfer window for teams to trade players.

The association opened the transfer window on Tuesday 4th February 2014 and is expected to end on Saturday 8th February 2020 before the commencement of the second round of the Western Basketball Association Club Championship 2019.

Rules and regulations of the transfer has been meted out to the various teams who have been officially registered under the association.

The rules and regulations governing the transfers states:

1. A club wishing to arrange for the transfer of a player from another club must apply.

2. Player transfer window opens from 3rd February 2020 to 7th February 2020.

3. Clubs are expected to submit their final fifteen player list including coach and a team manager latest by 8th February 2020. Each club is obliged to respect the deadline set for the submission of final list.

4. Clubs must respect the right of all players.

5.Only registered players are eligible to participate in the league.

6.Each club is permitted to sign only three (3) players before the start of the second round of the league within this season

7.Each Individual player may only play for one club during the league and all other organised competition W.B.A.

8.Should the players present club object to the transfer for any valid reason the transfer request will not be granted.

9. All player transfer attract a financial obligations thus an amount of two hundred Ghana (GH 200.00) shall be paid as a token to the club.

10. Club shall take 20% of transfer fee, 60% to the player and then 20% to the Association.

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