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Too much Hatred On Me – Mama Chauke confess Her switch from Orlando Pirates

Too much Hatred On Me – Mama Chauke confess Her switch from Orlando Pirates

Former Orlando Pirates number one supporter, mama Chauke Joy affectionately call mama Joy has confess there’s too much hatred on her following her surprise move from the south african giant to Shawn Mkhize Royal AM football club.

Barely a week ago, was in the news that Mama Joy who had being supporting Orlando Pirates for more than three decades who for twenty years missed only one home game of the club dating back 2012 had made a surprise switch to Royal AM in south africa.

Since the news broke out, people have find it soo difficult to accept why a woman who for her entire life style had being supporting Orlando Pirates all this while would intend to switch camp to rival Royal AM.

Despite the beauty of it, the astute football supporter believes her switch from Orlando has caused her soo much hatred that believes people can talk as much as they want but would not rescind decision of supporting one of the richest club in south africa thus Royal AM.

“Everybody is talking about Mama Joy. They will talk and they will be quiet, but I am a Royal AM supporter. They can talk, they can do what they want because when I took my decision they were not there”.

“There’s nothing you can do. I went to Bara Mall and came across a lot of supporters. Some were saying, ‘Hey Majestic’, some were saying, ‘Hey sell-out’.” this Mama Joy Chauke says.

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