“She never told me to stop” – Barcelona legend Dani Alves says he’s not a violent man, denies s**ually assaulting woman in nightclub bathroom

Dani Alves has denied accusations that he sexually assaulted a woman in a Barcelona nightclub, telling the court that the encounter was consensual. The legendary right-back was arrested on January 20, 2023, after responding to police summons and he has seen his bail denied.

Alves is alleged to have assaulted the victim in the bathroom of Sutton nightclub On December 31, 2022. According to the court testimony of the victim, she danced with the Barcelona legend and willingly entered the bathroom with him. Afterward, he allegedly prevented her from leaving, leading to physical and sexual assault.

Alves’ testimony in court, however, contradicted this as the former right-back stated (via Daily Mail):

“I am not that type of man; I am not a violent man. She never told me to stop. We were both enjoying ourselves.”

The prosecution have requested a nine-year prison sentence but the lawyer of the victim has reportedly asked for 12 years. The trial took three days, concluding on February 7 but the eventual verdict is expected to take weeks.

Testimonies during Barcelona legend Dani Alves’ trial

The alleged victim had her identity protected by the court, following social media leaks. According to the Daily Mail, she notably had a closed session to provide her testimony, while others testified openly.

The victim’s friend and cousin testified, noting that the victim had shown signs of distress after the encounter. Police officers who attended to her also testified that she was greatly shaken. She was also initially reluctant to come forward due to fear of no one believing the events that had taken place at a nightclub toilet.

Dani Alves defended himself by explaining that the encounter was consensual and denied any violence. A friend of the former right-back also testified, revealing that there had been some ‘chemistry’ between the Barcelona legend and the accuser.

The Brazilian had also allegedly consumed alcohol prior to the incident, and his defense requested that the court consider his intoxication as a factor in the case.

The alleged victim was seen by a forensic psychologist who testified that she was suffering from post-traumatic symptoms. However, this was directly disputed by an expert from the defense.

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