Sampson Eduku factor sure of a win for Hasaacas against Nzema Kotoko

Former Sekondi Eleven Wise and Karela United striker Sampson Eduku has vowed to end Nzema Kotoko’s dominance over Sekondi Hasaacas on Sunday 16th February 2020 at 15:00GMT at the Sekondi Sports Stadium as he scores a goal that cannot be equalised by his former rivals.

Sampson Eduku who is now a player for Sekondi Hasaacas was a tormentor to the Nzema based team during his time with their rivals Karela United. The Nzema based side lost most of their games whenever the then Nzema Ronaldo was playing against them. Eduku was their nightmare and it was a victory celebration for them when Eduku left.

The last time Sampson Eduku played against them was on Sunday 2nd April 2017 at the Crosby Awuah Memorial Park in the week 7 of the GN Bank Division One League which Sampson Eduku scored the only goal in the game.

Sampson Eduku’s has scored five goals against his former rivals Nzema Kotoko and is looking forward to add more on Sunday 16th February in Week 7 of the 2020 Division one league. If history will repeat itself, Sekondi Hasaacas will be recording their first league win against Nzema Kotoko with the Sampson Eduku factor.

The last time both sides met, was at the Sekondi Sports during the 2020 MTN FA Cup preliminary stage which Hasaacas lost by 1-2 without Sampson Eduku.

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