Nii Odartey Lamptey reveals why Ghanaian players suffer abroad

Former Black Stars footballer has revealed the reason why Ghanaian footballers suffer when they move abroad.

Odartey Lamptey having spent most of his football career outside the country is quite experienced in the pros and cons of a move abroad.

In a radio interview, the former Anderlecht midfielder explained that a move to Europe requires maturity, he believes that many Ghanaian footballers do not mature enough or better still sharpen their football talents before they consider a move outside the country.

He attributed the Ghanaian footballers hastiness to move abroad to the lack of financial stability in the Ghana Premier League, he is of the view that the local based players would spend more time in the country if the financial situation in the league was better.

โ€œClubs are not able to pay players very well so that is the only problem weโ€™re facing because if youโ€™re paying them very well the players will spend more time in the league and help raise its standard before making a move to countries like South Africa and Englandโ€. Odartey explained

He continued: “Now the situation is that thereโ€™s not enough money in the system so every player wants to move to Europe with the very little talent the individual may possess that is why Ghanaian players are suffering in Europe”.

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