Frederick Moore hails Accra Heart of Oak’s transfer policy

Managing Director of Accra Hearts of Oak has praised the transfer policy of the club as one of the best in the league.

He believes that the club’s system of recruiting players is what has enabled them to acquire so many great talents for the side. The director feels that the club’s system of recruitment is slightly different from most of the clubs.

Mr. Moore reiterated the importance of the youth team by stating the need for the club to focus on the youth team’s development which may be beneficial to the senior side in the long run.

“The way we recruit our players is slightly different from what a lot of clubs do. We believe that we’ve got the best way of recruiting players, the coach submits the players and its reviewed by the management and submitted to the board and the board does the final approval. That is how we do it and we believe that, that is what has brought us players like Ansah, Daniel Afriyie and the rest”. He said

He further stated, “We also have got a very strong youth club that we shouldn’t forget because there’s no point in us having a youth club if we are not going to recruit good quality players in the youth team who can then progress into the first team. We’ve got players like Umar Manaf, Michelle Sarpong who have come in. Some of them have even managed to get into the local Black stars”.

Accra Hearts of Oak have already made a couple of significant signings in the current transfer window which shows how determined they are to end their title drought.

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