Until We Win Trophies, I Have Done Nothing-Hearts of Oak MD Frederick Moore.

Managing Director of Accra Hearts of Oak,  Frederick Moore is not too satisfied with his works so far as the club is yet to win any major trophy a year since his appointment.

“I have been in the job a year and few days, we haven’t won any trophy so I haven’t done well. When we win, not just win for one year but when we are consistently winning that’s when I will say I have done well”

“I don’t take mediocrity, I believe in the power of the name phobia, I have believe in the power of our supporters, I believe in the technical team, the players and the team I work with that we’ve got the capacity and capability to win especially when we’ve got a chairman who is very successful in business, we have to bring that success to Accra Hearts of Oak” Frederick Moore explained in an interview with Kumasi FM.

“So, if you ask me today and you want me to mark myself, I mark myself 3/10. If we win, I will move from three to nine. We haven’t won anything, we played the NC competition and we didn’t win. Accra Hearts of Oak, our core business is football, we’ve got some sponsors, strategic partners and others but the most important thing that we have to achieve is to win on the football pitch” He added.

Accra Hearts Oak Oak last won a major trophy in 2009, and it has not been a smooth ride since then.

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