“When Liverpool lost to Arsenal, I heard nothing” – Mauricio Pochettino believes Chelsea are treated differently to other teams


Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has hinted that his team are often getting undue criticism for their performances this season.

The Blues haven’t performed well under Pochettino this term and are languishing in the bottom half of the league table. They are 11th with 31 points from 23 matches. They lost 4-2 against Wolverhampton Wanderers at home in their last game.

Pochettino, however, has suggested that his team are often criticized unfairly. He said when his side lost 4-1 to Liverpool, they were heavily criticized. However, when the Merseysiders, who are lead the league table, lost 3-1 to Arsenal on the weekend, they weren’t scathed by the media.

Pochettino said in a press conference (via CFCPys on X):

“When the expectation is different to the reality, it’s difficult. When we lost to Liverpool, it was ‘massive fail, Chelsea are so bad’. When Liverpool lost to Arsenal, I heard nothing – it was a similar result.”

The Blues have been one of the most dominant forces in English football for the past two decades. Their recent fall from grace, though, has been hard for fans to digest.

The team are nowhere near where they should be, which is to be competing for the Premier League title and other major trophies. Rather, they have often struggled to even make the top 10. Hence, it’s hard to dismiss the criticism coming their way.

Mauricio Pochettino lifts lid on conversation with Chelsea players

Despite Chelsea‘s poor run of form, Pochettino has kept his trust in his players. The team have lost two back-to-back league games, 1-4 to Liverpool on January 31 and 2-4 to Wolves on February 4.

Pochettino, however, suggested that he is not like other bosses and is a leader. He reaffirmed the trust he has in the team, telling the media (via CFCPys on X):

“I told the players today in the meeting that I trust in you more than ever. I will support you more than ever. I am not a normal boss, I am the leader.”

Chelsea return to action on February 7 to play Aston Villa at the Villa Park in the FA Cup fourth-round replay. The first tie between the two teams at Stamford Bridge ended in a goalless draw.

Edited by Aditya Singh

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