“We need to find someone who breaks up with the past once and for all” – Deco drops bombshell claim on Barcelona’s managerial search 

Deco has hinted that Barcelona are looking for a manager who takes a different approach from the club’s philosophies. He added that they were looking to head in a new direction and that Joan Laporta, the club president, is on board.

Speaking to Nascer do Sol on Sunday, Deco stated that Barcelona are set for a ‘radical change’ in their managerial approach. He went on to reveal that their current philosophy is outdated and said via SPORT:

“A radical change is needed. There is a method that is finished. The president is with me. We need to find someone who breaks up with the past once and for all and move towards a new model.”

Jose Mourinho, who was recently sacked by AS Roma, was linked with the Barca job last week and when Deco was quizzed about it by Esport3, he replied:

“He is a great friend of mine but I haven’t talked with him in a long time. We’re looking for a manager who can adapt to the club’s situation and that can keep developing the young players we have.”

Xavi is leaving Barcelona at the end of the season, having already announced his decision.

Xavi claimed he was leaving Barcelona because his work wasn’t appreciated enough

Xavi spoke to the media last month and stated that he was leaving the managerial post as his work at Barcelona was not appreciated enough. He hinted that the fans, club board, and the media were too critical and said:

“The decision on my resignation has been made for a long time, our work is not valued enough. That’s why I have decided to leave at the beginning of the season. Is it the club, press, or fans? I think it’s in general. I don’t think it’s (our work) been valued enough.”

“That generates wear and tear that you think that you do what you do, it is not valued. We have endured the pressure and we have arrived at one of the most difficult moments of the club and I prefer not to continue,” Xavi added.

Apart from Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp and Xabi Alonso have also been linked with the job. Robert de Zerbi is also said to be on the radar as per the report in SPORT.

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