Total statistics of match day 13 of the DOL zone 2

Total Matches——-102 instead of 104
Total Wins ————-72
(Home Wins ———-52)
(Away Wins ———-20)
Total Draw ————-30
Total Goals ————210
(Home Goals ———-134)
(Away Goals ————76)

1.Daboase base SKYY FC are the best club with most points (27).

2.ROCKSTAR ACADEMY are the weakest club with least points (8).

3.Kwabena Amissah’s BIBIANI GOLD STARS are the side with most goals scored (21) followed by SAMARTEX FC and SEKONDI HASAACASFC (20).

4.Asante Akim Agogo base PACIFIC HEROESFC are the weakest scoring side in zone 2 with (5) goals.

5.SKYY FC hold the best defensive set up in terms of conceding goals (3) thanks to pillar John ASMAH.

6.Coach Oppong’s ROCKSTAR ACADEMY has the weakest defensive set up,conceding (23) goals before ACHIKEN FC (21).

7.NZEMA KOTOKO striker Agyenim Boateng Mensah and BIBIANI GOLD STARS striker Maxwell Kwasi Boakye are the top scorers of Zone 2 (10 goals).

8.Patrick Mensah(STAR MADRIDFC),Collins Ampofo(ASOKWA DEPORTIVO),Maxwell Kwasi Boakye(BIBIANI GOLD STARS),Agyenim BOATENG Mensah(NZEMA KOTOKOFC) and Sampson Eduku Cobbinah(SEKONDI HASAACASFC) are the players to score most goals in a single match (3–Hattrick).

9.Former Achiken and Karela UnitedFc playmaker Samuel Abekah has the most assists (6).

10.SKYY FC are the best club with longest unbeaten streak (11) from Matchday 3–13) before SAMARTEX FC (7) from Matchday 3–10) and SEKONDI HASAACASFC (7)from matchday 1–7.

11.SKYY FC is the best club with Streak of Clean Sheets (10)

12.Club with the Longest Clean-sheets Record (SAMARTEX FC),7 from Matchday 3—-9 before (SKYY FC)5,from Matchday 8–12.

13.SKYY FC and SAMARTEX FC are the clubs with most wins (8) of the season.

14.PACIFIC HEROESFC,ACHIKEN FC and ROCKSTAR ACADEMY are the clubs with Least wins (2) of the season.

15.Mallam Yahaya’s WASSAMAN UNITEDFC have drawn most (7) of the season.

16.SKYY FC has been beaten just Once (the least lost ) of the season.

17.ROCKSTAR ACADEMY has been beaten 9 times,(the most defeated club) of the season

18.Goalkeeper Emmanuel Ansah accrued the most cleanSheets (7) of the season.

compiled by Emmanuel Cobbinah

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