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Thomas Tuchel’s Full Pre-Leicester City Press Conference

Thomas Tuchel’s Full Pre-Leicester City Press Conference

🔹Thomas Tuchel on Antonio Rudiger future (1/2): “We know that. It’s pretty clear what we want. It’s not like this in football, what the coach and club wants. You have to accept sometimes, it can arrive and you can end up in situations where the things are in delay and take their time.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on Antonio Rudiger future (2/2): “I’m very sure that Toni feels how respected and what kind of important role he plays. He’s up for the toughest challenge, Premier League football, to win titles so he’s a big part of a big club. I’m very sure he’s aware of it. I’m calm because I feel Toni and the situation calm, and from here we go. I’m happy he plays like he plays. We need him on this kind of level.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on Callum Hudson-Odoi: “The best way to talk is performance on the field. The next chance is tomorrow. So the minutes, if he gets minutes, he needs to take to let the quality speak for itself. The decision he took we have to respect.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on title race: “Yes [enjoy it], because if you are in the middle of it it means you are in the right place. Nobody expected the race to be decided in November. It’s good news if we are in the middle, but it’s November and there is such a long way to go. We have to show consistency like Man City and Liverpool. It’s on us to prove we can do the same thing.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on Kai Havertz (1/3): “He’s in a good mindset, physically well. if nothing happens in training later he’s ready to go.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on Kai Havertz (2/3): “He has a good character, good attitude, took the right step in the Premier League and club like Chelsea. Time is simply needed. He is still young, he is very ambitious, so we want the best of him.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on Kai Havertz (3/3): “But at the same time he is only 22, so there are years to come. If he stays to fight, like he is now, there will be goals, assists under his belt, this is sure. I have no doubt.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on contract talks: “Things are very mature, respectful and clear. Of course, there are some delays with Toni and Andreas. For Andreas, everyone wants the same thing – me, club and player. I expect some good news in the next days.”

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