SWAG suspends all activities due to corona virus outbreak

Sports writers association of Ghana (SWAG) has suspended all of it’s activities both national and regional due to the outbreak of covid 19(corona virus).

As a precautionary in helping stop the spread of the covid 19(corona virus), the government of Ghana issued out a release prohibiting social gathering which the association has adhered to.

The association that is there for the welfare of it’s members, issued out a release stating:

“In keeping with Government’s directives and to prevent the spread of the menacing and treacherous Global pandemic called Coronavirus or COVID-19. The Executive Council of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana after an emergency meeting respectfully communicate and reminds the General Assembly;

  1. That all SWAG Meetings both National and Regional has been Suspended
  2. All Members of SWAG are advised to Strictly adhere and observe Social Distancing
  3. All Members must responsibly Stay Safe in the discharge of their duties
  4. Members should abide by the Safety measures and guidelines provided by the Ghana Health Service.
  5. Stay home of you feel unwell with symptoms of fever, cough and difficulty in breathing.”

Due to the outbreak of the deadly virus known as covid-19(corona virus), all sporting activities has been halted in the country.

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