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SBC Slashers Crowned Champions Of The Volta 3×3 Open.

SBC Slashers Crowned Champions Of The Volta 3×3 Open.

SBC Slashers, a basketball team in Ho put up an outstanding performance in the Volta 3×3 Open that was held on Saturday the 27th of November 2021.

The 3×3 Open is a basketball tournament where 2 teams of 3 players each compete using only one hoop or basket. In this Open, 8 teams from different parts of the region were part of this tournament. Young Ballers and Sand City Ballers represented Keta while MBE and Golden Hoopers represented Hohoe. The rest four; Team Wolves, SBC Slashers, Team Baskets and H-City Quad were from Ho.

The tournament, organized by Impact Youth Foundation, saw Young Ballers, Team Baskets, SBC Slashers and Sand City Ballers qualifying for the semi-finals.

Young Ballers axed out Sand City Ballers 21 to 15 baskets to set up a final with SBC Slashers who whitewashed Team Baskets 21 to 5 baskets. The final was a ding-dong affair but SBC Slashers came out on top as they capitalized on mistakes from Young Ballers to beat them 15 to 11 baskets to be crowned champions of the Open.

Speaking to GlobalFM Online after the tournament, Mr. Mawulawoe Tome, regional coordinator of the Impact Youth Foundation expressed joy for a successful tournament and the encouraging turn-out.

“We were all excited to have all the players from Hohoe, Keta and Ho in their numbers.
The players were cooperative with the referees. We all had fun and enjoyed the game to the last bit.”
He added that more of such tournaments will be frequent in order to unearth more talents.
The national 3×3 Open will take place in Accra on the 27th and 28th of December.

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