Samuel Eto’o to Pay Local players in Cameroon if

The President of Cameroonian football federation, Mr Samuel Eto’o Fils has warned club presidents to pay salaries of local football players promptly, else he will pay them and deduct from clubs if there is any delays.

No more salary arrears in Cameroon league as the FECAFOOT president Samuel Eto’o has promised to pay the players directly in case of a salary delay and deduct the amount from clubs’ grants.

“The salaries of home-based players are already known. Any club president that does not pay players will no longer receive subsidies.

I’m giving the players the right to press charges against clubs that don’t pay them and FECAFOOT will pay them directly from the subsidies that the clubs in question had to benefit from.

I’ve come to put things in order. I don’t speak; I act. The money I invest in Cameroon football during my tenure must have a convincing outcome.” Said Samuel Eto’o

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