Raine Group will announce Chelsea’s preferred bidders this week

Raine Group will announce Chelseaโ€™s preferred bidders this week. Suitors could find out as early as today but no later than Thursday lunch. Shortlist of four expected.

There were less than 10 ‘serious’ bids which were submitted to Raine for Chelsea.

The Ricketts family and Ken Griffin remain ‘extremely confident’ about their bid for Chelsea.

Saudi Media Group made a strong offer for Chelsea. Least likely group to facilitate a fast sale, but itโ€™s been reiterated that Chelsea arenโ€™t put off by โ€˜the opticsโ€™ of a KSA sale.

Chelsea, including Bruce Buck, have ‘effectively chosen’ the preferred bidders.

๐Ÿ”— Ben Jacobs – CBS Sports

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