Pull down our cross and face the consequences – 12 Apostles church dares MoYs and Contractor

As part of the ministry of youth and sports project in building a sports complex at every region, Axim was the perfect place for such an edifice in the western region. The land they were building on belonged to the 12 Apostles Church but compensated them with the sum of GHยข 120,000 before the work began.

According to the contractors, 80% of the work have been done that is due to completion but they will have to remove the cross of the 12 Apostles Church for them to continue the work to completion which has become a tag of war between the ministry of youth and sports and the 12 Apostles Church.

The 12 Apostles are demanding the ministry of youth and sports should fork out GHยข 50,000 for them to perform some rites before they remove the cross because without the rites, there will be repercussions which they will not take the blame for if they fail to do it.

During an interview with with Emmanuel Ngow a grandson of the Lady Pastor with Kuntu Blankson on Sekondi/Takoradi based radio station Westgold Radio, he said “we told them that they will need to perform some rites before we remove the cross when they came for the land which they agreed.”

He said the cross can’t be removed without the rites being performed or people will die which they don’t want that to happen.

“There are a lot of rites to be performed which is very expensive because the rites cannot be performed without dignitaries and other 1000 members which we will host for 4 days and the sacrifices and materials needed for it for God to give us the go ahead to remove the cross.”

He revealed the member of parliament for Axim and the MCE together with other NPP party members visited them last two months to discuss about what can be done and for a rough estimate for the rites which he has done and will be giving to them.

He said they are read to do it even today if they pay the said amount for the rites because they all want development at Axim and they don’t want to be a standing block for that development.

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