Premier League blocks Burnley’s bid to bring Victor Moses back from Russia

The former Chelsea wing-back  joined Spartak Moscow, permanently last summer; Moses can be signed under a special dispensation granted by FIFA and UEFA following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to report from Sky Sport, Burnley attempted to rescue Victor Moses from Russia but has been blocked by the Premier League.

The Spartak Moscow player is still stuck in the capital, isolated from family and friends.

Moses, a former Chelsea wing-back, is considered out of contract and can be signed under special dispensation granted by FIFA and UEFA

There has been a temporary amending of the statutes governing transfers due to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Former Finland captain Tim Sparv told Sky Sports News: “We need to do everything we can to help players get out of Russia, a country led by a dictator.

“We need to give them the chance to go and play somewhere where they feel safe. This is a humanitarian issue.”

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