Patrice Evra reacts following backlash from France due to his initial statement

“All newspapers took the lie instead of requesting an interview with me… I was received in France like a king. But why? Why don’t you want the French to like me? Why lie to say I’d have loved to choose Senegal? I don’t live in the past. I live in the present…Stop hurting French supporters. I am proud of my career.

I have two countries– France and Senegal… It’s not just about France like when you win for France you’re French and when you lose you’re Senegalese. It happens in England too. When you win you’re considered English and when you lose you’re considered Jamaican. I cannot spit on the hand that fed me.

I assure you my French people, all you see are lies… I’m returning to Paris. Paris is the best capital in the world,” Evra has said on social media.

Worth noting that his initial statement expressing regret was reported by first-rate French media including RMC and Canal+. He had granted the interview to Sports Brief while on visit to Ghana.

Ade Divine

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