“Messi took the p**s on us for two years, boo him” – Ex-PSG star issues strong request to fans amid talk of Lionel Messi playing in Paris Olympics

Former Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) winger Jerome Rothen has called for fans to boo Lionel Messi if he plays in the Paris Olympics this year for Argentina. He claimed that the Inter Miami star ‘took the p**s’ on the Ligue 1 side for two years.

Speaking on RMC Sports podcast Rothen s’enflamme, the former footballer said that Messi never tried to settle in Paris and was always critical of the city and country. He added that PSG tried everything to keep the Argentine happy but he was not interested. He said (via GFFN):

“We should not forget what he has not given. As a French and a Parisian, seeing him parading with Argentina? Guys, if there is any way to dispute the fact that Messi took the p**s on us for two years, boo him.”

He added:

“He said it would be a disaster to live in Paris and that he hasn’t received the welcome he feels he was owed. Nonsense! He was above the Eiffel Tower like Neymar was. Every French folk showed him respect when he arrived. You expect respect in return and it never arrived. When he was given off days, he never experienced Paris to the fullest and his performances never lived up to what we hoped for from him.”

This was not the first time that Rothen criticized Lionel Messi. He slammed the Argentine time and again during his stay in PSG.

Messi eventually left the French giants after two years to join Inter Miami on a free transfer.

Lionel Messi is not above the club and deserves the whistles: Former PSG star Jerome Rothen

During Lionel Messi’s time at the club, he was often subjected to boos from the fans. Jerome Rothen sided with fans on the matter and claimed that there was no reason for them to keep quiet and not show their emotions during a game.

Speaking on RMC Sports back in 2023, he said:

“Whether it’s Lionel Messi or another player, he can be whistled. Should we refrain from whistling because it’s Messi? Why? Because his name is Messi? Whether you don’t give a damn or not, whether you’re good or not, whether you’re invested or not, the supporter is there just to open his mouth and applaud? The fans shouldn’t say anything? They buy popcorn, eat burgers, drink their soda and it doesn’t matter? Of course, Lionel Messi can be whistled; he’s a player like any other.”

Messi had to face hostility from the PSG fans after they were eliminated from the UEFA Champions League by Bayern Munich early in 2023. He was also subjected to boos and whistles after deciding to leave the club.

Edited by Sankalp Srivastava

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