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Messi is a passenger in the PSG team -Jamie Carragher

Messi is a passenger in the PSG team -Jamie Carragher

The three PSG stars, Messi, Mbappe, and Neymar, turned in an underwhelming performance as Paris Saint-German lost 2-1 at Manchester City.

Jamie Carragher has questioned the impact of the three duos following their loss to Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.

According to the BT sports pundit, those favorite team’s like Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich are not having passages but the French giant is having three passages which limit their chance of winning this seasons Champions league.

“I just don’t believe teams can carry anybody now,” Carragher told CBS Sports. Let’s say the four teams who I think one of them will win the Champions League – Man City,Liverpool Chelsea and Bayern Munich -they do not carry one passager in their team”.
“They [PSG] are carrying three, they’ve got absolutely no chance of winning the Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain, absolutely no chance.”

Carragher confesses he is especially drained watching Mbappe, pointing out he is much fresher than Messi but shows just as much hesitation to trackback.

“I get frustrated watching it because with Mbappe more than anybody,” the Liverpool legend added. “I can almost understand Messi to a certain extent, he’s 34, he has to save himself for certain moments”.

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