Manchester City wins UEFA Super Cuper against Sevilla

Last night saw English top-flight team Manchester City clinching the Uefa Super Cup against Spanish side Sevilla.

The match was very interesting as Sevilla made things difficult for Manchester City.

The game had to be decided in Penalty Shootout.

After the cooling break in the first half, Sevilla found their goal through their main striker En-nesyri from a header.

Sevilla became more confident after scoring that first goal and were still pushing for the second.

Missing numerous chances on the day but Manchester City never gave up and kept asking more questions on the field.

In the second half, Cole Palmer got the equalizer for Manchester City. Thanks to a great cross from Rodri.

City then came into the game but Sevilla were more disciplined at the back and defended with their lives to push the game into penalty shootout.

The game came to a close as it was expected by many football fanatics.

Many thought Sevilla would get everything right in the shootout and win the trophy.

But Manchester City were better in the shootout, scoring all their kicks with Sevilla missing one of their kicks.

Sevilla became the first European side to lose more Uefa Super Cup finals(6) in the competitions history.

A congratulation message to Pep’s men and all Manchester City fans around the globe .

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