Ivory Coast Makes Strides in Stadium Infrastructure for Upcoming AFCON

In a remarkable achievement, Ivory Coast has raised the bar for stadium infrastructure in preparation for the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament. All six stadiums designated for the event have been equipped with full roofing, setting a new standard that diverges from the common practice of only roofing the VIP tribunes in many African stadiums.

Unlike the noticeable discrepancy in the outlook of stadiums like Limbe, Garoua, and Bafoussam in Cameroon when compared to Japoma or Olembe, Ivory Coast has managed to ensure a consistent appearance across all its stadiums. This eliminates the disparity in stadium atmosphere experienced by fans whose teams played in different cities during previous tournaments. The efforts made in Ivory Coast have seamlessly bridged this gap, resulting in an equally impressive stadium environment regardless of location.

The commitment to maintaining high-quality pitches across all stadiums promises an exhilarating tournament for football enthusiasts. The exception, however, appears to be the pitch at the Ebimpe Stadium, which currently presents a concern. It is hoped that this issue will be resolved promptly to ensure a top-notch playing surface for all matches.

The Ivorian authorities deserve commendation for their dedication and perseverance in achieving this remarkable feat. The six stadiums—Felix Houphouet Boigny Stadium (40,000 capacity), Ebimpe Olympic Stadium (60,000), Stadium of Peace (40,000), Korhogo Stadium (20,000), San Pedro Stadium (20,000), and Yamoussoukro Stadium (20,000)—stand as a testament to Ivory Coast’s commitment to hosting an exceptional AFCON tournament.

As the AFCON tournament approaches, the world eagerly anticipates witnessing the results of Ivory Coast’s endeavors, as the nation showcases its revamped stadiums and world-class football pitches. This accomplishment, although taking longer than initially anticipated, undoubtedly underscores the adage that good things come to those who wait.

By Ade Divine

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