“In terms of what he did for the club” – Cristiano Ronaldo transfer snubbed by ex-Manchester United CEO as he names 3 best signings under his tenure


David Gill has snubbed Cristiano Ronaldo while naming his best signings at Manchester United. He believes Wayne Rooney, Michael Carrick, Nemanja Vidic, and Patrice Evra were his top buys at Old Trafford.

Speaking to Rio Ferdinand on the Vibe With Five podcast, Gill stated that Rooney and Carrick were his best buys at Manchester United. When asked to name his best three signings, he named the duo and then went on to pick Vidic and Evra, before adding Edwin van der Sar’s name to the list.

“The top three signings, I would say, would be Wayne (Rooney) in terms of what he did for the club,” Gill said. “I would say Michael Carrick for what he brought in terms of all that. And the third I would say, well I can have two. There’s a lot. [Nemanja] Vidic and [Patrice] Evra.

“But I think in terms of the importance to the club, one of the most important ones was Edwin. We struggled to replace Peter (Schmeichel), and then we went out and got Edwin, and he was great for us.”

David Gill joined Manchester United as their finance director in 1997. He got promoted to deputy chief executive in 2000, before becoming the head in 2003. He left the club a decade later and was replaced by Ed Woodward.

David Gill advises new Manchester United CEO Omar Berrada

David Gill has advised Omar Berrard to focus on the club’s recruitment and negotiation side before working on anything else at Manchester United. He believes that they need to get better on the pitch before thinking about sponsors because they have a good amount coming in already.

He said on the Vibe With Five podcast:

“Firstly, I think appointing someone from outside is a good idea, someone with new ideas and a new perspective coming from a very successful club. [My advices would be to] really focus in with Dave Brailsford and those on the recruitment and negotiation side, really understand that.”

He added:

“Get the focus back on that, get it working better to deliver the players. We have just negotiated an extension with adidas, a great deal there, and we’ve got sponsors coming in all the time so that is working pretty well. But if you align that with a team performance you’re doing even better.”

Manchester United poached Omar Berrada from Manchester City earlier this year. He is set to take charge of the club once the season ends.

Edited by Ankush Das

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