“If it was not in it should have been a penalty” – Chelsea hero Petr Cech makes honest admission about controversial ghost goal by Liverpool

Former Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech talked about the infamous ‘ghost goal’ scored by Liverpool against the Blues in the 2004-05 Champions League semifinal.

With the scores tied at 0-0 from the first leg, Liverpool appeared to have scored, with the ball incredibly going inside goal after hitting the side-netting. The referees did not have access to VAR or other technology back in the day and failed to correctly watch the ball progression in real time.

They ended up awarding the goal to the Reds who then proceeded to the final on 1-0 aggregate. Liverpool went on to win the final on penalties against AC Milan, inspired by skipper Steven Gerrard, as they registered a three-goal comeback.

Speaking about the goal, Cech told Sky Sports (via Daily Mail):

“I don’t think it was in. Somebody put the 3D picture. If it was not in it should have been a penalty because I collided with Milan Baros.”

Cech joined Chelsea in 2004 and left in 2015 to join Arsenal. He made 494 appearances for the Blues in that time, winning four Premier League titles, four FA Cups, three EFL Cups, one Europa League and one Champions League.

Petr Cech picks between Chelsea and Arsenal for his next PL title winner

Having played for the two London clubs, Cech was asked to pick between the two as to who will win the title next. He responded, saying:

“At this moment I think Arsenal. This season it will be very close. I actually think Arsenal might do it.”

Arsenal are currently third in the table, two points behind league leaders Liverpool. They recently beat West Ham United 6-0. As for Chelsea, the Blues jumped one spot from 11th to 10th with a 3-1 win over Crystal Palace on Monday night (February 12).

Arsenal’s next game is against Burnley with the Blues facing second-placed Manchester City this weekend.

Edited by Sankalp Srivastava

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