“How do they call this football” “Like watching paint dry” – When Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney took a dig at Super Bowl

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney’s old comments on American football were back in circulation during the recent Super Bowl LVIII game. Going by the tweet, it would be fair to say Rooney wasn’t a big fan of the NFL and Super Bowl.

Back in 2012, the legendary English striker tweeted (via GOAL):

Trying to watch the Super Bowl Final, how do they call this football. Like watching paint dry. Looking forward to the adverts and music.”

Rooney also tweeted:

“Seen more guys in studio than the players at the Super Bowl. Zzzzzzz hurry up music.”

He further claimed that the Rugby League was better than the NFL, writing:

“Rugby league is far better than super bowl. Leeds rhinos to win again. I know its mad but im a rhinos fan.”

The Super Bowl LVIII saw the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers to be crowned this season’s NFL champions.

It’s worth noting that the Manchester United legend linked up with NFL icon Tom Brady during his Birmingham City stint. Brady made an investment in the English club and Wayne Rooney was appointed as the Championship club’s manager last year in October.

The former striker, however, was sacked in January and Tony Mowbray is currently in charge of the Blues.

Gary Neville reveals Sir Alex Ferguson used to slam Wayne Rooney towards the end of his Manchester United tenure

Wayne Rooney is Manchester United‘s all-time highest goalscorer. The Englishman, however, changed his game with time and became more of a link-up player than an out-and-out striker.

Neville claimed that Rooney stopped taking on defenders as often as he used to and didn’t make behind-the-line runs. That infuriated Sir Alex Ferguson, as Neville said: (via The Sun):

“I remember Sir Alex and Wayne Rooney, towards the end of his Manchester United career when Wayne started to drop in a bit. He used to stop turning and running at people and stopped running behind. He became more of a link player, playing the long passes.”

He added:

“That was one of the last things I remember, and Sir Alex must have had a go at Rooney 15-20 times a season for the last few seasons about him dropping too deep. Sir Alex wanted Rooney to stay up front and turn at players and take the ball on the back foot, as those were the bits that made him more of a street footballer.”

Wayne Rooney played 402 matches under Sir Alex Ferguson, scoring 197 goals and providing 103 assists.

Edited by Sankalp Srivastava

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