Gerrard Pique gives his take on the resumption of the League

The Spanish Primera La Liga is set to resume as early as next month and Barcelona defender Gerard Pigue has given as his thoughts on the decision to restart the league.

Gerard Pique concedes that measures that have been put in place to reduce the risk of infection are very necessary but he is keen on avoiding some of the proposed measures.

“Being away from home with the family is hard, if we can avoid training camps, we’d appreciate it,” Pique said as he discussed the return to action.

Pique also commended Javier Tebas and his cohorts for their efforts during this difficult period.

“They’ve kept us very well informed; Javier Tebas has dedicated many hours to it,” Pique added.

“There are people who are scared and it’s important that everyone follows the protocol to the finest detail.

“It’s better training as a group but we have to adapt.”
He further recognized the need to complete the season’s fixtures.

“I understand LaLiga’s interest in finishing the season because there’s a lot at stake,” Pique explained.

“Despite being leaders, it would be quite ugly to win that way.

“We’ve spent a lot of time out of action and we have to keep in mind we need to be well prepared to avoid the risk of injuries, a few days of training more wouldn’t be bad.”

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