Coach suspended for celebrating a win against his former employees

Tanzanian based team Membieni FC coach Mani Gamera has been suspended and fined for over his exaggerated celebration against his former side Jang’ombe after their 1-0 win over them.

Membieni FC is a team based in Unguja of Zanzibar which is a semi autonomous region of Tanzania. They were formed in the year 1945 nicknamed Kawa.

Coach Mani Gamera who has been trending on the internet for his outrageous celebration has been fined ciara $200 and suspended for 6 months for his acts.

The coach in his celebration against his former side said “They rejected me by calling me an ape. Today the ape has taken off their clothes. And there’s nothing they can do about it. I’m their husband and I’m their dad.”

Coach Mani Gamera who also did the famous Bafétimi Gomis celebration #TheLionIsComing has gotten a response from the premier league player after a Tanzanian based journalist named Salim Masoud Said twittered the celebration and captioned it “The antics of Mani Gamera have reached Gomis. We welcome you to Zanzibar, Gomis! #TheLionIsComing

Bafétimi Gomis replied ” 🦁🐾the Lion is from Africa 🐾🦁”

A lot of people who have fallen in love with the coach’s celebration, are ready to pay for his fine according to sources.



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