C.E.O of Hasaacas rues the suspension of football activities in the country

C.E.O of Sekondi Hasaacas Paa Kwasi has bemoaned the timing of the suspension of football related activities in the country.

Paa Kwasi stated that the suspension has ruined their plans for the season in an interview on Sekondi/Takoradi based radio station Westgold Radio with Kuntu Blankson.

He claims that Sekondi Hasaacas had built up some momentum from their previous five matches prior to the suspension after initially starting the league season in a lackadaisical fashion.

He insisted that his team had developed cohesion and the players were fired up which posed difficulties for their opponents.

“Things cannot be normal because its a program that has been planned that we”ll be playing football until the end of July when the season is supposed to end,so when you’ve made your plans and a break or something like this comes in, it completely ruins all your plans. He told West Gold radio

“Those who watched Hasaacas at the start of the season would’ve realized that even though we were winning some of the matches our performances wasn’t good enough because our boys did not join us early and our team was new so the cohesion wasn’t there even though they had sufficient experience to win matches but in terms of team play things were not going well but when you look at the last 5 matches we played before the league was suspended you could see that we were really on fire,the boys had gelled and the team cohesion was evident so the momentum we gathered really caused some problems for the teams we played against so the suspension has really disturbed us”.He added

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