Bernard Dong Bortey Officially Retires From Football.

Nicknamed the “Serial Killer,” Hearts of Oak great, Bernard Dong Bortey has finally hang his boot on an amazing football journey, widely known on the local seen following a nine year stint with the phobia club.

In an interview, the former Black Stars player said:

“I’m not God. Maybe where I reached was the stage God wanted me to finish it for someone to come and continue. I have pain in me but it’s past,” the former winger added.

“I have to put it behind me because I have three kids who are all playing football, so I have to focus on pushing them. I could not do it but maybe they can do it for me.

“I want to be a coach now. I’ve retired. I was not 100 per cent sure but I have done it.

“I’m still playing football but not competitively. I don’t want to play any more competitive leagues like the Ghana Premier League because I have made the name already.”

“Everybody knows my name in Ghana football. So I have to leave for the young ones to take over. Now, I’m a coach. I’m not a footballer anymore. I’ve retired.”

In 2002, the “Serial Killer” won the top scorer award in the Ghana Premier league following a brilliant start in that season.

He won four league titles with Hearts of Oak as well as the CAF Super Cup and the Confederation Cup in 2001 and 2004, plied trades the United Arab Emirates, Israel and Equatorial Guinea before returning to the motherland.

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