Bechem United not considering pay-cuts

Chief Executive Officer of Bechem United Nana Kwesi Darlynn has ruled out salary deduction in this coronavirus era.

Football world has been dealt a significant blow by the coronavirus pandemic which has claimed many lives worldwide and destabilised football clubs financially.

Clubs in Europe have implemented pay-cut to help ease the financial impact of the disease.

Similar measures have been suggested by some football followers in the country which has been rejected by most players in the local league.

Bechem United C. E. O issued a statement insisting that Bechem United are totally against the pay-cut talks.

” Bechem United will not introduce salary cut to our players in this Covid-19 era”, Bechem CEO Nana Kwesi Darlynn told Angel FM.

He added: “Already, club President Kingsley Owusu Achiaw has given salary advance to players since the league was brought to a halt”.

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