Ashanti Gold Cries For Help.

Ashanti Gold who were demoted to the second division after the ruling on their match fixing scandal.

The obuase based club wrote for an appeal but it was bottled away by the Ghana Football Association committee.

Mr Achiken,the co owner of Ashanti Gold has revealed in an interview with Kumasi based Akoma FM that they are appealing to the FA to reduce their punishment

“We are yet to hear from the FA over our written review, though there are no compulsions on them to sit on it per their laws.

Should our plan A which is to overturn the entire ruling on the part of the club fail, since the club did not benefit directly from the actions of Dr. Frimpong, we will petition the executive council of the FA and Congress to temper mercy with justice to reduce the ban imposed.
At least a demotion to the division one league would be better than the current ruling taking us to the Ashanti Regional Division 2 league.

Most of our players are professionals, and might seek for floating if we are to play in the second division, but in the first division laws abide them to play, so in order not to lose most of our top players, we are going to appeal to the executive council and the entire congress to reduce our ban if indeed we are deemed culpable of the offense as a club.

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