Ahmed Awua Ankrah FC Joins Koper

Ahmed Awua Ankrah, a talented midfielder for Parma, has officially signed a two-year contract with FC Koper in Slovenia.

His transfer to FC Koper follows a standout season spent on loan with ND Gorica in the Slovenian PrvaLiga, which caught the club’s eye.

ArthurLegacy Sports assisted in the transfer negotiations, which is a testament to his growing notoriety and potential influence on the football scene.


During his loan period, the former Parma youth captain showed off his skills by making 30 appearances in the division and contributing with four assists.

He can flourish in both defensive and attacking midfield positions thanks to his adaptable playing style, and he can also play as a dependable centre defender.

Ahmed Awua Ankrah, a Drobo native, is well known for his tactical skill on the pitch. He has the ability to control play with accuracy and precision in both long ball distribution and decision-making versus rivals.







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